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Wild Views

Well i have'nt got much here-if u wanna add anything here just mail me!

Arranged Marriages: I really see it as the islamic way of marrying a person, but that isn't the only reason why I'd rather marry someone due to arrangements. Consequently, everything would be Halal. You would get to know that person, marry them and finally you would grow into loving each other. Another thing is that it's easier to find someone that way, I suppose. Because, if you look for someone on your own (for love), you'd probably go from girl to girl to guy to guy looking for the "perfect guy/girl", but none of us are perfect. So I really applaud arranged marriages and would most likely go for it. (Mai)

Spiderman: He's stupid cause he wears his underwear over his pants :P (Me)

Akall bari Kay Bains..(Akall Vs Maujj)

The Heroines: If the heroines and the villainous women in the over dramatic serials were against each other, I'd definitely want the villainous women 2 win, for without their scheming minds and evil spitting tongues, television for the audience wud become meaningless. (Hiba)

George Michael: george michael has been caught fourth time with a 26 yrs old man in a same bathroom. when asked for the explanation, he said "m telling u ppl for the millionth time, m not a gay. its just that i was teaching that guy that first u wear an underwear n then comes the pant but he doesnt wanna learn that simple thing cuz he is damn impressed by the superman". (Hajra)

A piece of my mind: "Come to think of it, the proverbial darkness in the absense of knowledge is our own manifestation in order to induce the zest for knowledge". (Adnan)

A i Artificial Intelligence.. more intelligence, less artificial